“Let’s get this organised in the quickest and easiest way and hope participants have a good time.” Sadly this seems to be the mindset of many a person organising meetings (large or small). It is our belief that participants matter; that they are given the space, tools and work processes to allow them to do the right work, in the right amount of time, and with the right equipment. Might be difficult to organise... but that is what it takes.

OD programmes and engagement events all have similar issues – invitations, joining instructions, venue, equipment, refreshment, car parking – the list is endless. We believe logistics should be fully participant focussed. After all the meeting is about them, not you! Our approach to logistics is not based on any theories, just the simple necessity of paying attention to the details and envisaging every eventuality.

For me, event logistics is about two things: eliminating distractions and creating solutions. The first allows participants to focus on what they are there to do; the second makes real whatever is in the minds of consultants/facilitators to achieve (however inadequately they describe it!). THE VISTA NETWORK have delivered to a truly exceptional standard on both counts and in doing so have become an integral, trusted and enduring part of the Programme team. Our participants and speakers, each a leader within the company, recognise and appreciate the difference. Hugh Williamson, Programme Manager, Drilling & Completions Leadership Mastery, BP

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Event Logistics