There is nothing more powerful than getting the whole system in the room and giving them the space to use their collective wisdom to create something they want to make happen. We have heard it described as an existential experience. However it does not always happen that way – all too often PowerPoint, games, technology and gimmicks get in the way of meaningful engagement.

THE VISTA NETWORK have made whole system engagement their USP for 15 years, we have worked with many of the pioneers in the field and have been trained in many diverse approaches. We have studied the dynamics of large groups and in understanding them have come to realise there is no limit to what you can achieve with a large group of people given the right planning and time for the process.

Our core approach uses the principles of Real Time Strategic Change developed by Robert Jacobs. Like many approaches this starts with a design team made up of a representative cross section of participants in the process. With this team we scope out the change effort, understand the leadership alignment needed to support it happening and the processes needed to involve and engage the whole system.

The Core Cities Health Improvement Collaborative events are proving to be a focussed and useful way of sharing learning across several PCT communities.  They enable us to build up our teams, gain insights from others and build exciting plans for taking the learning forward.  The design planning  team approach drawing on the insights from all the cities ensures that our time together is valuable. Deborah Evans, Chief Executive, NHS Bristol

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Large Scale Engagement